underpricing your services is a form of self-sabotage

If you want a thriving business, you need a pricing structure that prioritizes profitability.

the outcome

Feeling assured in her and empowered with an effective strategy, out client went from charging $200 a month for 8 accounts to $1500 per account! Two hundred dollars to $12,000 per month is the power of upselling existing clients.

the backstory

One of our clients came to us ready to start taking her social media management business seriously instead of treating it like a hobby. She was leaving her 9-5 and wanted to replace her income without sacrificing her mental health.

At the time, she had one client who was paying $200/mo to run 8 accounts.

the solution

This client had been with her for a long time and was a family friend so she had a really difficult time having a conversation about an upsell (sound familiar?). 

Her success coach supported her with restructuring her pricing from a per post model to a retainer package, revamping her pricing to reflect her goals for profitability and strategizing an approach to have this conversation with her client.

A Case Study


From Frustrated + Undercharging to Empowered + Profitable

Steal My Upselling Strategy

i am gifting you the exact training we use inside of agency accelerator, including an email script, to help you make more money without increasing the scope of services.