Whether you're ready to take your agency to new heights or are just getting started, I want to support you and help your dreams take flight!


You were made for this!

Hey, I'm Lucy, and I am the marketing and business mentor for purpose driven female entrepreneurs! I am also the Founder and CEO of LVS Digital, a marketing agency that has helped huge brands achieve their business goals through my done for you marketing services.
I’ve taken everything I learned from building my agency to multi 6 figures and have turned it into customized coaching programs for any stage of your agency, whether your business is just a dream on your vision board or you’re already are at 10k+ months, I can help you streamline, scale and systematize your business. 

Sometimes trying new things can be scary, sometimes so scary that we don't jump…

Sometimes trying new things can be scary, sometimes so scary that we don't jump…

But what if you never jump? What would your life look like if you never try?

And then again… what if you do?

What if, when you jump, you not only fly, you soar?

You will never know until you jump, and I want to be right there to help you soar!

I used to be an employee in a large company, subjecting myself to the daily grind and the will of others. It was crushing my soul! It felt like waking up every day only to die a little on the inside.

I have been where you have been. I know what it's like to be in a job that feels like it's draining your soul.

Hey! I'm Lucy


Then one day I couldn't take it anymore

I wasn't fulfilled, I wasn't energized, I hated my job, and I couldn't continue. So one day, I decided enough was enough, and I started my own agency. 

Not going to lie; there have been many bumps along the way. There were even days I was worried I might fail. I know what it feels like to have everything riding on you and the fear of, "what if I can't?" 

But I kept pushing through and found my way to success and freedom like I never dreamed possible.

I changed my life with my business, and you can too!

so I quit.

My mission is to help you soar!

Now, I wake up happy...

I wake up energized and fulfilled every day, knowing I get to serve so many amazing women and help their businesses soar to new heights!

It's this love and energy that has helped me create my two most comprehensive coaching programs. 

The Agency Starter - where I help budding business owners start their business off the right way and avoid so many of the bumps and roadblocks I hit along the way.


The Agency Accelerator - where my more established business owners come to learn all the things they need to scale their business and really spread their wings to fly. 

I look forward to getting to know you better and being right there to help you fly when you take that leap that will change your life forever!

If you're ready to change your life forever, then let's chat and see which program is the perfect fit for you.