a 360° business incubator

Build + grow a marketing business

that you are




a 360° business incubator

Build + grow a marketing business that you are

excited    about

like business school but... way more fun

Get all of the tools you need to build + grow your online marketing agency sustainably + scalably.

Most marketers have the marketing skills to deliver kick-ass results for their clients but lack the business acumen to confidently build and grow their own businesses.

When you master the business side of, well, business-building you can confidently book high-ticket clients who trust your expertise + feel lucky to have your skills in their arsenal.

Your marketing skills alone aren't enough to build a sustainable + scalable business. But don't fret - that's where we come in.

The coaching program that will take you from "SOS" to "Holy Shit! Is this real life?" in your marketing business. 


say no more, i'm in!

having control over the projects you work on

You're a marketer with a dream of...

Your expertise isn't being honored at your 9-5 + you find yourself on projects you don't even care about. You're ready to make the switch from soul-sucking work to soul-filling work.

achieving time + location freedom

Having more time to date your spouse, spend time with your kiddos or travel the globe as a digital nomad is at the top of your list. Unlimited PTO, writing your own checks + working from anywhere in the world... yes please!

shattering the income ceiling looming over you

The gap between what clients are paying + what you're getting paid is vast. And you're the one doing all of the work. You have financial goals that feel like a dead-end in your current position.

online training portal

You will receive access to our online training portal with all of our pre-recorded trainings that will coincide with your custom road map. Our portal covers everything from business foundations to scalability efforts. Best part? We don't drip content. You get immediate access to the entire hub!


There is one thing that makes group-coaching better than any 1:1 offer and that's community. In need of some biz besties!? We lovingly refer to our community as the secret weapon for success inside of mentorship because it is THAT GOOD. You will have a rock solid support system of women who get it. No more getting lost in your down days. This is your go-to place for questions, support + referrals.


My goal when building out this program was to make it a one-stop-shop on your journey to a six-figure business. When you join us inside of Accelerator, you are not only getting access to me but an entire team of industry leading experts to support you. Here's the breakdown: myself as your agency coach, a mindset coach, a copywriting expert, + a sales coach. (Yes.. I've thought of it all!)

What's Included in Agency Accelerator

Digital Templates

don't even bother clicking on our shop page because you get them all... for free!

Professional Brand Design

pay-in-full bonus

Proposal templates, strategy templates, content calendars + more! When you join us inside of mentorship, you get the VIP treatment AKA full access to our vault of forms, templates, questionnaires, contracts + more!

Yes, we know this sounds too good to be true, but we're not yanking your chain! When you pay-in-full for Agency Accelerator, we gift you professional brand design (logo, sublogo, color palette + typography). We will connect you with our in-house designers once you're inside! P.S. Your jaw is still on the floor




A Risk-Free Investment

i will work with you until you make your investment back

That's how confident I am in our process. The fine print? You have to show up + do the work. If you commit to this partnership, we promise we won't let you fail! I know how uncomfortable investments can feel, and this is my way of supporting you through that discomfort. 

The Guarantee

The Guarantee

The Guarantee

meet your coaches

sales coach

Candice D'Angelo

Candice , the corporate dropout turned sales guru, is here to transform your business. Candice equips entrepreneurs with the skills to become unstoppable sales experts. With a personal multi-million dollar sales book and a track record of empowering over 200 business owners, Candice is your go-to guide for skyrocketing success. Get ready to level up and conquer the world of selling like never before!

copywriting coach

Elise Cruz

Elise Cruz is a copywriter, online business strategist, brand builder, bestselling author, and keynote speaker who provides 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs with done-for-you marketing materials and sales funnels that make online sales scalable, sustainable, and soulful. Using her diverse background leading creative agency teams to high-revenue online launches and her genuine passion for innovation, she now runs a boutique marketing agency dedicated to empowering heart-led, female entrepreneurs to create and launch exceptional brands.

mindset coach

Marci Baron

Marci is the go-to coach for successful women who desire the next level of prospering in business, relationships and health. She offers her clients a unique combination of proven modalities including energy work, trauma release methods, psychology, nervous system regulation and spiritual based life coaching tactics to drive incredible results. Lucy has personally worked with Marci over the past year and since she had such incredible results, she brought Marci onto the team! Marci has been a long time contributor on mindbodygreen and is a published author.

success coach

Presli Jenkins

Presli's background in Acting, Fitness Coaching, and Social Media Marketing crafted the perfect blend of an inspiring and impactful Client Success Coach! She cares so deeply about the impact she makes on her clients and she always leaves people with a smile on their face and an inner confidence that they have what it takes to accomplish their goals.


Kaitlyn Ash

Kaitlyn built a 6 figure business as a sales and marketing coach in combination with an agency. She also owned a corporate events planning company. She loves a good strategy but also loves helping clients get deeper with their mindset and uncover true blocks. She is obsessed with her clients and the ripple effect of impact that is created from coaching. She is also a mama to two crazy boys so she gets what it is like to balance kids and biz.

"I feel like not that long ago, I was watching everyone else's wins and feeling bummed because I wasn't there. How quickly that changed!"


"My new client just added Pinterest to my services because she was so happy and now I am making $12k a month off of 2 clients. That was an easy sell!"


"I booked a client on a $4,200 retainer! I thought, "Who do I think I am charging this!?" but the client didn't even question the price. I'm so happy, I'm crying!"



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