"I had way too many clients, charging way too low and wasn't stepping into my power as a CEO. Lucy helped get me out of a day-to-day grind that left me frustrated and overwhelmed. Now, I get to impact the lives of my team and clients."

"I had my SMM business for a year and felt like I was duct-taping everything together. I had no processes, systems or automations. After a 9 month dry spell of now clients, I am now at $13k months in my business."

"Lucy helped me see that being a social media manager and digital marketer is a real job. Now, I am making more money than I have ever made before."


How to build out your pricing + packaging

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02. reverse engineering your goals

Limiting beliefs that are you keeping you stuck + how to break free


How to stand out in your industry with a robust portfolio and where to find high ticket clients

03. building a portfolio + lead generation

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